PiChakra Foundation - Services

We guarantee our PiChakra Foundation solutions are innovative and technically sound

Online Presence

We utilize the best design techniques to ensure that the website are easily maintainable, and after that masterfully implemented with consideration and care. We maintain highest attention on technical advancement, and keep exceptional high level of specialized learning in this industry. Find more

Social Media Presence

Online networking is a trend you can't overlook in the event that you need to remain close to your customers. Many organisations now use social media to better serve their customers by understanding what they like and what they don’t. Find more

Mobile Presence

It’s clear that mobile is not just a growing market, it’s a market to really dive into with smart phones now common place. With the deeper penetration of mobile devices there is already an exponential growth of click through rates from mobile searches. Find more

Ecommerce Presence

Increasing conversion rates is key for any E-Commerce site to outperform its rivals. Our innovative and conversion optimised e- commerce design methodology will empower you to track which headlines, images and content is enabling to convert more visitors into patrons. Find more

PiChakra Basic - Services

We guarantee our PiChakra Basic solutions are innovative and technically sound

Internet Advertising

Online advertising is one of the most effective ways for businesses of all sizes to expand their reach, find new customers, and diversify their revenue streams, however it can get to be costly rapidly in the event that you aren't cautious. Find more

Internet Marketing

Internet promoting isn't a quick fix arrangement, but instead one requiring persistence and insight. It is vital to stay invested into promotions for longer to create a superior rate of profitability. Find more

Social Media Marketing

If you were waiting for an opportunity to jump into social media, it’s now. Our dedicated social media team can help you join the conversations your customers are having. Our social media management tools helps to listen to your customers, connect with customers, and also engage with them and build relationships for your business. Find more

Content Marketing

We make quality substance which is SEO friendly for individuals which renews your image, hook your audience and keep them coming back for more. We make engaging, objective driven content that creates buzz, helps to boostthe digital presence and sets supremacy for your brand. Find more

Mobile Marketing

Today, everyone is mobile, but not everyone interacts with his or her devices in the same way. Armed with research and insights, we show you where opportunity lies and craft a strategy that will capitalize on your audiences’ mobile behaviours and interests. Find more


With the PiChakra Analytics solution, businesses can make marketing decisions based on hard data with lots of experiments and not gut feelings or individual inclinations. Find more

PiChakra Plus - Services

We guarantee our PiChakra Plus solutions are innovative and technically sound

Marketing Management

Plan and schedule your marketing activities across digital avenues, like email, social media etc. Find more

Brand Management

Enables campaigns to be consistent. Find more

Advanced Analytics

PiChakra advanced analytics for Digital Marketing, uses well advanced analytic tools, have forced advanced methods into the day-to-day consciousness of marketing world. Find more

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