Search Analytics

Understand the health and performance of a website to ensure you maximize your website investment. Search Analytics offers granular insight into how search engines sees and experiences your website. Also provides information around the most mainstream search queries driving people to your site, search results generating clicks etc.Brands ought to screen this information and identify improvements to your site and search results.PiChakra Search Analytics is there for your help.

Our Services

  • Real time serach analytics.
  • Measuring quality of SEO traffic.
  • Website bounce rate analysis.
  • Backlink, broken link analysis.

Marketing Analytics

Measuring Marketing effectiveness has always been a challenge. With the advent of Digital marketing, we now have a medium that facilitates the practice of analytics. Whether it’s email campaigns, viral marketing, or social media campaigns, there are many opportunities for all organisations (big or small) to utilize data. With the PiChakra Marketing Analytics, businesses can make marketing decisions based on hard data with lots of experiments and not gut feelings or individual inclinations.

Our Services

  • Marketing Analytics help businesses to make marketing decisions.
  • Measuring Engaging Metrics.
  • Consumption Metrics Analysis.
  • Capturing Sharing metrics, reach rate.

Sales Analytics

Comprehend what works and what doesn’t for your business and drive actionable insights with extremely valuable lead intelligence. Having this data makes it possible to implement an effective lead administration process, empowering you to score and prioritize your leads and identify which actions contribute to a marketing qualified lead for your business.

Our Services

  • Conversion Metrics Analysis.
  • Analysis on Lead Metrics.
  • Measuring Sales Growth, Revenue per sale.
  • Sales performance metrics.

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